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But before doing anything, we were informed, we had to pacify the Suijin-sama living in the bog.With rice wine (Japanese sake) and purifying salt and a lot of mumbling prayers, the deity was informed that s/he was to be relocated to the wet rice paddies further down the hill.

Unlike All There in the Manual, however, this new information is not released as Word of God with the intention of being added to the Canon.

If you want to discuss how the work could have been better if some detail was different (with that detail being just your own idea), start a Wild Mass Guessing.

For further reading, see the TV Moments That Never Happened thread at Television Without Pity, the Original Vid Junkie's "Never Got Made" files, and the "Movies that Never Were" series at CHUD.com, the links for all of which are included in this lost movies entry.

Many trace their origins back to earlier Chinese mythology, although Japan’s Kappa lore is largely indigenous.

The Suijin commonly possess magical powers, which can be used for either benevolent or malevolent purposes.


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