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Anyways, on to the actual issue that I was experiencing, which caused me to reinstall Windows and waste about 5 hours of my precious life ;) I had PHP working, but the My SQL extension was not being loaded, specifically "php_mysql.dll".I thought everything was fine and dandy because when I ran a simple PHP_info test page that contained: It had seemed that even though I had added "C:\PHP" to my Windows Server 2008 System Variables in the PATH section, PHP was still not seeing my file which was really in C:\PHP. After wrestling with this for hours, I gave in and tried putting in C:\Windows, as well as having it in C:\PHP.I know this to be true, as earlier today we received a stunning sample box of outstanding chocolates from Seth Ellis Chocolatier (thank you Rick! As you’d expect, from a Cluetrain original, the Seth Ellis site is a blog. I have no idea who Seth Ellis is or was, or why Rick’s chocolatier is named after him – but I suspect he was a chocolate deity of the highest possible rank. Nutmeg on a cappucino, sure – but I’d never have thought of building an entire ganache around nutmeg. There’s a coffee truffle in there too – but by the time I hit this point I was comatose from the sheer hedonistic overload. You and your pals at Seth Ellis are chocogeniuses of the first order. Now, I’m a big fan of chocolate – especially the rich, dark kind. Each of the six hand-crafted delicacies in the Seth Ellis box is a perfectly-balanced work of chocolatey art. I have become one with the couch; sunk down in a haze of chocolate bliss. If you’re in the US, you may be able to find Seth Ellis chocs in your nearest Whole Foods Market. For some unknown reason, PHP finally began to work, and I saw my php_file being loaded successfully.I know that this is NOT the preferred way, as you really want to keep all of your PHP files contained to the one directory, but there just wasn't a way to get this working without tearing ALL of my hair out.I turned to the dark side at an early age, shortly after I discovered Cadbury’s Bournville and Thornton’s Apricot Parfait. Fair trade organic Ecuadorean chocolate, carefully-selected organic ingredients, delicately blended and designed, then presented in a terrific little box like intricate pieces of jewelery. If that doesn’t work, go here to order some online.

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Hmm same problem here but with Windows 7, can’t load the extension=php_because the file is not being read for some reason.If you wanted to follow up on the issue to see if the PHP team has fixed this bug, keep an eye on the official bug page.I hope this helps anyone who's run into this issue. The Cluetrain Manifesto – a great website that became a terrific email list, that ultimately evolved into an important book, a ton of media coverage, and a veritable explosion of game-changing ideas – had four authors.In truth, I think a lot of people figured he’d fallen completely off the map for much of the last 10 years.I’ve no idea how much Rick Levine made from his share of the Cluetrain Manifesto profits, so it might be a bit of a stretch to call his new venture “The Chocolatier the Cluetrain Built”… Doc Searls, David Weinberger and Chris Locke went on to do a lot of other high profile things after the success of the original book.


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