Chinese scent bottle dating

Made in The bottles come from all over the world, although most were made in Bohemia (now part of the Czech Republic) or Germany. Edmund died in 1901 and two years later Ida married another lawyer, Dr. Above: Ida began collecting scent bottles before the First World War and continued to do so, on and off, until her death on 24 June 1938.Others come from England, France, Italy, Holland, Russia and China. She limited her spending to the equivalent of £2 to £3 on each bottle and also received some of the collection as birthday presents.

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In 1971 Marianne donated the collection of more than 300 pieces to the museum.

A wide selection of vintage perfume bottles and related vanity items from glass masters such as Galle, Hoffman, Schneider, Lalique, J.

Preston solicitor, Cedric Houghton, left his fine collection of around 400 items of pottery and porcelain to the Harris in 1910.

His expressed wish was that his personal collection formed the basis of a larger museum collection, and this has been the case.


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