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About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. It biis bcou n^tjardiil iticrcly us a uiiitei ial IW dituuug the oxygeu. Tho soil should neither bonipa'.-t as to intor^rc with eultivniion to a depth of 10 or 12 Dor have a lendeticy tu bake hard. DRPAimii MT or Aotuenmz, Wtukinffkm, JK C, Febntar/ttj 8ir: I hare 1h« hon Ar In trsninnit t Kl n'^uiwl edi Uan of l^rmcrn' Rnlletin No. Tbv tirxt iihtinn of IKiti bulletin h^ -pton A M] tint MDce May, 1897, tttu'datuof ptititicalioti, 330,000 oopt M huve been lack pfupljc (Sa^mimiyneant ttmiatra) , Thi' liluejuy *encndly adauttedl beneficial, but whose true value as insect dcetroyers has Dot lny^Kl appreciated.Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. which woi o Uierwiae bo too strong for our uml All attempts to economically dertliis niti'Ofrfln of the air available for plant food, by uheiaical iueaiiati ili Mwvei'ml iliat the cjil It Hi Ifgtuuiuous iilaiits — clovers, peas, beans^ lupines, vettrlics, can take up tli M nitrogen of the air, ami can grow without manured ^^ Jth nttroficu if lualiurcd with phosphurie iiud uad polaah. It rosy contain some lli, «9 sugar beets aro not fispocially susceptiblo to injury from Conslilii PDL The soil i^huuld be reasonably level, but it i^hould tw well dnu Df K). iiewhatj )ily, in roost American »oil:« thcru is still sufficient natural trt produfo a good crop of sugar beets; whereas in the soils pe, wh#re sugar be-cts have been grown for years, the farmers lepend on fertilizers to msure a remnnorativo crop. 83 kfak 11.37 The foregoing table shows that the United States consumes more tgar per capita than any other nation except England, the consump- on in this country being about two and a half times as much as for luropeans in general. 54, Somo C\niuiioa Virii i K«la Uon U Agricultuiv, liy F. The practical value of birdji in controlling ii L-v«ti should tio wore generally rccognixod.It will ttins be iwen tliat by green manuring with leguniiuon K crops it in i MMunble to manure the soil with nitrogen from the air, a iree and Liiuxhaustible aonrc B, and thn&avoid buying fertilizers containing nmc U Ditnigeu. Recently tbe processes of manufitcture have been ho improved that over 300 KHi the p^n«ra! Tli H Hurt l A'gliurn is a lii', thoiigli tliey arc fr-e^piently seen in the shownamis. Phosphoric j and potash are supplied in the form of ordinary commercial a Uzers — the phospliorus as ground boue, 8u|)erphiiiphate, or basics Olid the putiuih may be suppliinl lu Uie foriu «if muriate or 8ul| uf potash or as kainit. While by imtunr it liv«s in or open fields where there &vc a few trees, it al^^o breeds on t pmiric, whore, in the nbscncc of trees and hnshcs, it ncfita ground.This grea Uy lessens the expenuo for coinroeicial fertilisers, for nitnigt^t is the moat ex))eii Kivc element tlie fanner has to bny. They are cott atdered ay profitable as any of the uther Tx-ghoni varieties, and i point of Iteauty they are very interesting and fascinating. Nitrogen may be supphcd in the form in which it exists in boue, ur from the refuse of the slaughterhouses in the form of,^ blood and tankage, or as cwtlon-seed, meal or oil coko, or as of s bring about and i Lain an equilibrium of soil cnnstituents and conditio Dfl. AUhmijfh fairly abundant in many parts of the is not R rapid hreetler, and wbcro it is treated as j^ne the ti easily depleted.Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. In 1S8S experiments were nndertakctt on the lijt^it Knnily. Green manures were nwdriiuiiily, »nppli'mrnti;d by cheap ferl ilixcnt. nked inpravpmont wiut evident, not only in tbe physical chanitter of tbe l^ui^ _. • ■ Agiiin, green mannrlng may be used to take the place of more expen- terti Uzers and mannreson nm U already nnder cnltivation. ax OWM] Bnvki MM Pui^ IV M, Tlrtt I'lfi'riillim 111 Wtuml Rm s- If,. What hw taken ptaco iit these is bein^ pidly dupli- ia Idaho; nnin^ has made in , an paid for tlic Innd.Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. It is is latter nse tlrnt it finds its widest application. Tt is ratlms 80,000,000 Hcrc-a of lauit in the uritl rcgioit» of the I'mtodj eventually be irrigated, being DRikriy one-fifth of tho tod t Jiia area pcrhaptt 10 p(^r cent ta nipa Mu of I'aay atnl apmv U Ouo mi Uiou at-n-s planti'd to bwta would yield, under ii lure, a quantity of sugar sufficient, with tho ! Thpn- ls nowhnrp in sight a mnl pnwpect for agriculturid dovclnpmpnt thn-n in the pr bwts OD irrigaicd lands. Botanically all kinds uf sugar beet« are of the the common garden beet Uietatyulgaris).alfalfa, clovers, melilutus, ewn-adella, Inpinc A, vetch, and horoe bean. Accordiug to the North Cntuliua Experiment iitatioo, "thecovrpeo, 8 a temlc T annnnl, b Ihiii M alwnys be sown in the Rpritig (flvi- a isr-od yiclil sown as late as July 1, bnt the eai-lk-r ft is n »liiiiy«'rif frost is jtassod llic heavier i Le yiclil. rhe brenxt in light salmon, shading off to gray tonanl the »iih tint all over. thp Hhie Andalu Hian, and is the only r^riety of its breed. If alfalfa can be grown, ibifaould bo included in the rotation of cropg. The food of the dove tonrii^ts of seeds of weeds, tojfether with f grain.

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Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. Woiis« the o\ygrn in Iire»t.ltiitg butil Jscnj'd the nittxj^eii. It has a conical root, straight luiil f VHn, ijuite " at thu huad anii rapidly tapering, an inllin'iico i»f siirh rrrtitians. In t Kn ctumt^ ooarid M^il* ywatitiw of b«r, whirh prc Mluciw only iwth with low HUgftr rontent, Prefcrahly iho most pmdur- un the farm fthuutd be utrnl, nuch a soil ii» n-iti yiirld a gooij Indian com, wheat, or potatoes. AMiuuiit in Oharee of Bwnna tbolo^, Bkiloglca] Survi-v.

You can search through the full text of this book on the web al |http : //books .google . Th« maiinnr iu which tliisuitrojjeu astumilation takes pla foraird when leguminous phmts arc maunred with nitrugeit; tbv plants must first buugurliir ui Lruguii before Uie lulicrcles are fomiuil. Natural drainage on level M)il being Boniewh S' lient, tile drainage may be practiced with advantage. ti* print'iple$i of fertilization depend upon the fart that a soil , Id huve returned to it all that the harvest lias removed, and an roductive soil be supplietl with those elements in which it is :i«mt, he soil iiigredients most eaaentiol for the successful production Ug M* Wets are nitrogen, pho«3phoric acid, potash, and lime, hr following are the ([uiuititii»t nf tlie-si" constituents in 1,000 jit iif bo L't roots and in an equal quantity of beet leaved, an deter- by numerous analyses; CMRl UMIK unjxa IWUIMi S p Duni U be seen from the foregoing lahlo that. It may be an easv iliftl K exterminate the birds in an orchard or grain field, but it isiuiexti dif Beult one to control the insect pouts. w quail of tho North, or partrtdgo of tho South, and bohwhilo of ywhere, isn well-known bird throughout iiio»t of tho Unitud States of the Rocky Mountains. owing' to tho bi{^ nn in which ite flesh is held as food, which results in much huot- aod to tho severity of tbo winters, the bird is not abundant, or, at tf Only lo. to n fairdogrceof plcutifulnesa I somti unusually hard winlor with an uncouimon amount of tiimw toys nearly tho whole stock, owin^ to their food ttupply being cd out of reach beneath the snow.

aud the pr Biionco of tubercles iudimtca tliot the plant is t^tkin;; uitrlaiits it is wisherl to grow liavel Kir ai U-ugenotui luaturiala. ivcs make a heavier drain im the a I woighci P^ equal weigh leumnls of the 12 I I t soil than do the roots. It Ih certain, too, value of our native sjmrrows ait weed destroyers i? Farther south, and in sections re there is less snowfall, bobwhite thrives iu spite of any degree )W.

Aa Htatcd above, it costs from 15 to t SU cents a ixiuud, while potash and p Uospl Loric ncid eost only 5 to 7 ceuta, or oven lcsi». The hackle fealhers of a Silver Diiekwing leghorn cm-k are pui* silvery whi witiiiint the slightest, straw or ci-enniy tingt\ with n narrow blm stripe along the e«nl4r of the lower hackle feathers; buck, saddle, and wing liow, ailvcrj' white; breast, nnder parts, wing bar, and tail, 51 23 lustrous black. The I nilatinn is the one in whinh the inftliod of culture and action of [plant uach year li? The dove re-ars but two young at m tune, when more than one brood is raised in the year, it caji by no!

Although grains, gnuiaufl, com, cotton, rootcropa, tobacco, etc., cannot ase the nitrogen of Uic air, grcon manuring utmbleft them to benefit by it Indirectly. Anion™ the Icffnmiaoiis plantn more cntnnionly iiwd lor green mannr- ing in this eunntryainl in Murojie are cowi M-a. TUc cowpva is widely used as a greou manure iu the Southern St Jitcii. The Silnar Diickx%ing T^-gliom lien has s Kilvery gray liackle, with a narrow Idack stripe tliroiigh t\w center of eai Ji £i«Hllirr. avc tho soil in ibf Iwst condition for tbf fol- crop. A good scheme of rotation in, Hrvi, wheat; then bcet»; t Ucni clover two years, the lost crop being plowed under; then potatoes, ll Atukt, and boetfl In the or^cr montionc Ml. compete in fecundity with the qnail, which raises from IS to at a laying, and sometimes has two siu-h in the course of ihr v-s^q.


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