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Your employer may want to discuss a range of issues, which could include your plans for returning to work, important changes at work, or opportunities for promotion.

Returning to work All women have a right to return to work after maternity leave, no matter what size their employer's company is.

You can swap places during the 52 weeks if you want to. If you qualify for statutory maternity pay, it will be based on the salary of whichever parent is on leave.

You may then take an extra 26 weeks' additional maternity leave, giving you a year's leave in total.

To claim this entitlement, you must give your employer the correct notice.

Even if you don't decide to take all of the maternity leave you're entitled to, you will have to take two weeks of leave after your baby is born.

You'll still be entitled to the full amount of maternity leave and pay.

Statutory maternity pay (SMP) is a weekly payment from your employer.


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