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Dixon had originally tried out for the show in season 10 along with his younger sister Schyler. For the season 11 auditions, Dixon went with his sister for moral support but got talked into auditioning by the judges, who believed that he was pulling a fast one on them by not auditioning.

Both him and Schyler made it to Hollywood, but she ended up getting cut while he progressed through the competition.

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Risky business: "I was kind of preparing for a 'no' [from the judges] because although I was happy with my song choice, the key I did it in was a little shaky... Fantasia Barrino is an amazing singer, my favorite singer, my favorite artist ever. I don't like LA food at all." Shannon Magrane, 16, Tampa, Fla. I love Carrie Underwood because she was this classy, sweet little girl and she had a really pure voice. People say I'm trying to hide behind it and they've said that about so many other artists. Like Damien Rice and John Butler and Dave Matthews. In the past rounds they've told me that my vibrato was a bit thick, so I've been working on that."Fun fact: "I can rap.

But someone like Waylon [Jennings], Kris Kristofferson or someone like that. I went so much this past year before I came to Idol." Joshua Ledet, 19, Westlake, Calif.

I would love to see Miranda Lambert be a theme, but I don't know that would happen.

"Never Gone", the song Dixon sang on the Idols Live tour, was released digitally on September 21, 2012.

"Never Gone" became a hit for Dixon, hitting number 1 on the Billboard Christian Songs chart.


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