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I didn’t get to experience the nightlife but it’s around Rua Bezzera in Alto de Ponta Negra. Praia de Pipa: Further south you have Pipa, a beach village with laid-back hippie vibes.There are several nice beaches within walking distance of the center including Praia Madeiro, which is good for surfing (lessons and board rentals on the beach).If you want to get laid here your best bet is to hit on the traveling gringas.They’ll be obvious to spot and you can open them with something like, “I have a feeling you speak English.” The Brazilian girls that live in Pipa tend to be of the tattooed and dredlocked variety, but since this is a tourist destination you’ll get lot of well-maintained rich girls from cities nearby, though they’re usually traveling with family or significant others.This was the first city I visited after Rio, so the downgrade in attractiveness was shocking and took a bit away from the Brazilian woman mystique.Natal: Cleaner and smaller than Fortaleza, Natal has earned its spot in guidebooks as a city with tours around neighboring sand dunes and pretty beaches.Praia Ponta Negra is the quaint tourist beach with clothing shops, modern restaurants, and a nightlife center.I stayed in Pousada Recanto das Flores for 50 R$ a night, a clean option located only one block away from the beach.

If you have more money to spend then head to upmarket Praia do Futuro a couple miles away.

On the main drag check out the restaurant with the big “Açai” sign for great sandwiches and… For nightlife there is usually something going on around Oz Music Bar starting late on Wednesday night, but on Thursday nights more people head to the beachfront in front of the reggae club.

A block down from Oz (to the right towards the beach), there is a club with a hidden entrance that usually fills up on weekends.

The great thing about Fortaleza is that the nightlife is easy to find.

Simply go to Dragão do Mar, an area of bars, nightclubs, and restaurants within walking distance of Iracema.


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