Teacher student dating sim

To play, You pick from at catalog of questions in hopes to romance the dogs. I'm not being speciesist, its literally the same model each time except with a different name and a slightly different personality.

Hot Date I Ruff You Jurassic Heart is a very short dating sim in which you, a human, romance a ukulele playing Tyrannosaurus Rex named Taira. In Dino Dearest you are a new student at Cretaceous College, a school full of dinosaurs.

My Horse Prince is a odd dating sim not because you have affections for a horse but because he is a horse with a human's face.

You are a Japanese anime girl who can't find love so you decided to visit the country.

While at a farm, a horse with a guy head approaches you and you quickly fall for him.

Sadly the farmer is planning to put him down so you buy him from the farmer.


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