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Relive your childhood this holiday every time you visit a Megaworld Lifestyle Mall as they showcase the cutest fluffiest bears in all shapes and sizes with their #Beary Merry Christmas campaign for 2017.

Watch this video to check out the various bears and Christmas decorations featured in every Megaworld Lifestyle Mall.

In other words: You can go there at any night of the week and will find easily more than 100 (!

) girls who are not employed by the bar but work for themselves, means they hook up with the male customers and after a drink or two (sometimes even quicker than that) they will join them to their hotel for short time or long time.

If you go there at around 11pm you will hardly find a place to sit down because there are just so many girls (I would say the ratio of girls/guys is 70/30).

Upstairs is a stage for the live band playing every night (admission fee 100 Pesos) and even more “open-minded” Manila girls (a lot of them actually come from other parts of the country, especially from the poor regions of Mindanao, Leyte and Samar).

And all that without paying overpriced lady drinks and bar fines.

The Swedish owned LA Café has two floors: On the ground floor there is a nice round bar surrounded by many stools and tables and also two pool billiard tables on the other side of the room.

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For some of us, our social calendar is filled up more this time of the year compared to any other time, from office shindigs and family gatherings to reunions with old schoolmates and […] While other brands are still busy exploring/improving their respective smart features, Huawei takes a huge leap by changing the entire game from “smartphone” to “intelligent phone” with the release of the Huawei Mate 10 series – the world’s 1st mobile phone with AI (artificial intelligence).This is without doubt the most famous girly bar in all of Manila and there are three reasons for it: Firstly, it has a prime location right in the center of P Burgos Street which is the number one nightlife area for tourists.Secondly, it’s the longest established bar on the strip means they have been mentioned countless of times on travel guides, websites and forums. Bottoms has two stages, one smaller one for 2-3 girls and a bigger one for 5-7 girls dancing.The industry is a whole new world and entering is no piece of cake.This is why I can tell that it is full of hardworking people who are deeply in love with what they do.The age of AI in mobile has arrived and it […] Listen up!


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