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I understood that relationships went through ups and downs, but as the arguing continued I feared it would break us.If we couldn't get through living together, we likely couldn't handle much else.I knew I was incredibly lucky to have found this amazing man who loved me for everything that I am and as much as I could be.Our plans to get married in a Catholic church required us to complete Pre Cana, pre marriage counseling, to ensure we were discussing the issues that more often than not, lead to divorce.We discussed finances, family, in-laws, personalities, anger issues and general checks and balances.Getting married at 30 had me confident that I was more equipped to handle married life than a 20-something bride. After a picture-perfect wedding, I'd been embarrassed to admit to others (and myself) how difficult married life had been.

I forked up any bickering to planning stress and dove deep into coordinating my custom dress, tablescapes and favors without considering that a perfect wedding does not equate to a perfect marriage.

We came to the conclusion that our problems started and would end with our tiny studio apartment, so we moved into a large one bedroom.

We started reinstating our cute traditions; handwritten Post-it love notes reappeared in secret hidden places all over the apartment and our relationship felt like it was slowly crawling back into the light.

Small arguments about cleaning, laundry and how much clothing I owned ensued as date nights waned.

We were spending lots of time together but time was heavily lacking.


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