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In the late ’90s, country fans were lucky enough to hear the sister trio of SHe Daisy on the radio. The girls sang the hell out of the song and women around the country took notice.

The band became huge stars in the country music world.

The lyrics were fun, sad, familiar, but now cliche, and understandable. The instrumental hooks were filled with screaming fiddles, waning steel guitars, and even simple acoustic sounds.

Whether it’s a classic sporting event song, a birthday song, an anniversary song or a wedding song, the saying seems to be true. It seems that Peterson’s legacy will live with his timeless song. Gary Allan’s career really didn’t get going until the ’00s, but he still had a couple hits in the ’90s.Let’s take a look at the songs that affected so many… The guys in the band put a great melody hook with a story of falling in love.Confederate Railroad had a few big hits in the early ’90s. The recipe was a success and the song climbed all the way to #2 on the charts – the biggest hit for the band.As the ’90s began, these and other artists – along with the validation from Sound Scan – made country music the biggest music genre in the US.Along with the great country artists of the ’90s, the songs they sang made the decade memorable in the eyes of the fans.If you listen to country radio today you’ll probably hear .


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