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You're also seeing how your partner reacts in moments of cultures clashing.Rachel brought Nick Viall to church for this reason specifically: to see if he was comfortable in a black church, a place that is important to her.

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At this point, we haven't seen hometown dates this season.He also tries to win Rachel over by poisoning her view of Kenny.It doesn't work, but it would be horrifying if it did.I also wondered how it would make the show different, and how it would stay the same.What I wasn't prepared for is how many real moments I would see for a show that is arguably an unrealistic reality show about people getting engaged after less than two months of "dating." The first moment that brought me back to reality was when the season kicked off with Rachel meeting her first four suitors on After the Final Rose.And it's even more horrifying knowing the producers included this man to stir up reality show drama.


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