Updating contact indexes

The sample use cases demonstrate using the Web Service APIs to integrate CNM with other systems.

This file includes the 9303_oas_and 9303_wls_files. These files each contain the documentation, extensions, lib, and samples folders.

The following code block has a generic SQL syntax of the UPDATE command to modify the data in the My SQL table − The WHERE clause is very useful when you want to update the selected rows in a table.

When the ECO is released, the Number Where Used count would be recalculated for each of the Children BOM Items on the Affected Items Tab The file includes java samples that demonstrate the various usage characteristics of Agile 9.3.2 web services.

The existing rollup in excel is enhanced to support REACH through web services.

This file includes the 9312_oas_and 9312_wls_files. These files each contain the documentation, extensions, lib, and samples folders.

Together, they provide the Javadoc generated HTML files that document the API methods and demonstrate using the APIs to develop batch and online applications, including Java and Script process extensions and dashboard management extensions for Agile PLM in Oracle Application Server and Oracle Web Logic Server environments.


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