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As well as making psychic predictions I also suggest spiritual remedies that we can all do to help make the world a better place.This idea is inspired by my time in India and is explained in detail in my books Many of the above predictions are pretty gloomy but I feel that there will be a simultaneous growth in spirituality for the people of the world that will now start to lead us into a Golden Age.The time will come when all people will come to realize that our personal future and the collective future of the world can be changed for the better by our good thoughts and actions.

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Brutal truths: Greg believes if your boyfriend says he still isn't ready to get married after five years, it's time to move on Dear Greg, I had date with a cute French man. Can I write to him again, just to make one more attempt to connect with him? I didn't make the rules and I might not even agree with them.

It was really fun, but it also felt like maybe it could be more than that. Dear Nora, Yes, you can email him if you want to give him the opportunity to reject you one more time. I'm not advocating that women go back to the Stone Age.

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