Stop xp updating time

In a statement, Dustin Childs, group manager in the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing group said…

With Windows XP being slow already, and running on old, outdated hardware in most cases, the issue has been almost show-stopping.I am unsure if it is a Windows bug or something else. Thanks :-) To find the shell extention which is causing the problem right click on a non-Microsoft shell extention, the non-Microsoft shell extention should be highligjted in pink.I am unsure of the best and safest way to resolve this. Thanks, :-) Just found this fix but without knowing really whats going on or knowing that I can trust the advice I am not willing to try it: ..... Under the column titled Company you can see the programs listed as Microsoft Corporation, do not disable any of these.This change shows that Microsoft understands that some customers need more time to migrate to a newer, supported operating system.Still, despite Microsoft working to make Windows XP as secure as it can be before April 8, 2014 and extending Windows XP support for Security Essentials, this should in no way give customers a sigh of relief.Per reports from the Patch Management email list, it appears that the problem may finally be fixed.


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