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Becca leaned down again, and began to softly lick at the liquid still flowing from Gina's spasming cunt, while she rubbed the cum that had sprayed over her tits into her skin. We must keep up our strength." They shared the shower, with much kissing, stroking, and laughing.

When her breathing was under control, Gina pulled Becca up to a hot kiss, tasting herself on the girl's lips. I see you are ready to continue your lessons." "Oh, yes, Ms. Gina wanted to keep her student on the edge of arousal, and made sure to thoroughly clean Becca's hot cleft from front to back, and of course Becca reciprocated.

She removed her finger and applied lube to the plug, which she then used to tease Becca's anus, until again her slave began to move against the toy.

This time her hand continued into the crease in Becca's ass, spreading her cheeks, and causing the girl's wet, pink pussy to open invitingly. Roll over, and get on your knees, my pet." Gina reached into her toy box, and retrieved a bottle of silicon lube, and a small butt plug.

Her student spread Gina's labia wide, and dove straight in, addicted now to the taste of pussy, and wanting to impress her mentor with what she had learned the previous day.

Gina stroked her fingers through Becca's curly red hair, as the teen used her fingers, lips, and tongue to excite the older woman.

She held tightly to the cuff as she stroked down Becca's firm leg with her right hand, to the crease between her thigh and torso.

Becca squirmed, trying to bring her wet pussy in contact with her mistress' hand.


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