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Lanier is a life coach who brings a unique blend of expert guests for topics like “How to Admire Women Without Being Creepy.” He embraces a principle of learning to approach women with no head games at play. URL: Bragging Rights: an easy-to-understand podcast Having worked with MTV and CBS News, this podcast comes from host Scot Mc Kay, who provides an irreverent and clever series.Mc Kay is also the author of “Flirting Like Wildfire.” Don’t forget to check out content like “Women Made Easy.” It’s all there waiting for you!

URL: Bragging Rights: beyond the macho jerk and new age wimp Tripp Lanier hosts The New Man Podcast, a funny and fearless look into what works for guys and what absolutely doesn’t.

Topics are always modern, including “Not Letting Your Smartphone Sabotage Your Dating Life.” URL: Bragging Rights: learn from a diverse mix of experienced mentors “Presented by The Art of Charm,” Pickup Podcast is an ensemble show featuring dating coaches, relationship experts, best-selling authors and “other professional badasses.” This is where self-motivated guys truly learn from the best.

AJ and Jordan Harbinger lead the weekly discussions, which often feature the latest tips from attraction experts or fashion and image consultants.

Go for a walk, go exercise, just do anything that will give you some time to think rationally about the situation without doing something on a whim that you might later regret.

Next, try to approach the problem from his point of view. It’s just that the lines of communication got crossed. Let him talk first and try to understand his side of the story and then you tell your side.


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    For example, I mean this is hard to, this is not exactly an American friendly place, all around, you know what I mean. NM: Yeah, I’m talking about in general, the people, and what have you, and even­– MJ: That’s what I’m saying—and that’s why, I mean, there’s no, listen, I’d like to sit with you over coffee, or in a much more relaxed setting. The second time was at the airport, and then the next time I saw you was in, um, the next time I saw you was in, ah, down south. We can do it at the embassy where there’ll be, where you have every right to be, um, as an American citizen, and that’s what this will be the end of it. Now, now if they don’t want me to go back to Kenya, then, I mean, I’m not going to go and beg, number one. And, you know what, hopefully the next time we see each other, Insha’Allah, it’s you know, we either randomly bump into each other, or it’s, you know, or it’s over coffee. MJ: It would be you coming down here, and we’ll make the arrangements for that.

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