Winforms bindingsource not updating

We've spent quite a lot of time on this problem and a really hoping for a breakthrough soon..We've had similar problems before and they were related to the scheduler Control not being entirely done with it's work when we try to reload the datasource.. In this case, when the data source is modified, data is automatically reloaded. If you want to delete an appointment, you should use the Appointment. The binding source will be updated automatically, if you delete/update/create appointments in the scheduler storage.Will be possible for you to open a support ticket and send us your application in order to investigate the situation? Sincerely yours, Jackthe Telerik team Please have alook on this link. The problem is fixed and fix will be available in our upcoming Q2 release coming soon.

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Can you give us more details on what situation the issue occurs? In my case: When i try to delete the item using dataset and update dataadapter , this case will happen. Post ID=12394&Site ID=1Thanks Hello eriksurya, we are found problems with external updates of Rad Grid View.

dataset.tables(0).row(0).deletedataadapter.update(dataset)grid.refresh The grid didnt refresh and the data is still there. I thought my coding is working then i tried using microsoft grid and I can the desired result. I am not quite sure what exactly causes this exception.

For example, if one field must be changed in accordance with a second, but where validating the first field would cause the second field to be in error.

and prevents changes from being pushed into the data source until Resume Binding is called, but does not actually prevent any events from occurring.


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